bwin中国制药 works closely with healthcare professionals around the world to support their treatment of patients and collaborate on unmet needs.

Healthcare professional resources by country

bwin中国制药 provides information and resources through country HCP门户

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bwin中国制药 Managed 访问 makes investigational or unapproved treatments available to eligible patients with serious or life-threatening diseases


Medical congresses and 事件

探索 our latest congress resources including new virtual formats.


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Clinical Investigator Initiated Trials & Non-clinical Investigator Initiated 研究

bwin中国制药 supports ethical independent clinical and non-clinical research conducted by qualified third-party investigators



bwin中国制药 provides funding to legitimate organizations to discover new ways to improve and extend people's lives, advance scientific and medical knowledge, and support communities where bwin中国制药 associates live and work

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研究 & 发展

了解更多有关研究 & bwin中国的发展

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bwin中国制药 embraces pioneering collaborations to advance specific shared scientific research objectives and address unmet medical need


Disclosure of payments to healthcare professionals

bwin中国制药 publishes payments and other ‘transfers of value’ to healthcare professionals to increase transparency and build trust.


For medical inquires about our products and/or information about our services, we recommend you contact the bwin中国制药 office in your country.