Whether you are starting out in your career or pivoting into a new career, bwin中国制药 offers a wide selection of programs each year to support you in your career journey.

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A 2-year program in Clinical Trial Operations at bwin中国制药 offers you the unique opportunity to enter the pharmaceutical industry, gain insights and experience in the end-to-end clinical trial process, 研究设计和试验类型. You will receive training and mentoring by our clinical trial experts, be empowered to do and learn things and work in a diverse and inclusive environment. 加入bwin国际官方网站!

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继续bwin国际官方网站大胆的跳跃(加入) & Unleash My Potential) program with a new cohort of disruptive talented individuals that will join bwin中国制药 next fall. 2年以上, 多地点轮换程序, JUMP will offer those who have just finished or are close to finishing their MBA program a unique opportunity to gain a broad experience in different functions and businesses that will build their knowledge of bwin中国制药 and the healthcare industry.

bwin国际官方网站相信,通过定期的指导和培训, the program will fit future leaders’ development needs and help them start their leadership career here at bwin中国制药.

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bwin国际官方网站的下一代科学家计划, 与巴塞尔大学合作, offers internships to talented and motivated scientists from low and middle income countries. 三个月计划, 在巴塞尔的bwin中国研究基地进行, aims to promote both the scientific and professional development of the researchers.

bwin中国导师的指导下, participants work on a jointly agreed scientific or clinical research project and participate in a Leadership 发展 Program to strengthen their communication and decision-making skills. 在研究项目中, participants use the latest methods and work with leading experts in their respective fields with the aim of helping them to apply what they learn in their own countries.



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The 12-month bwin中国制药 人工智能生活实习计划 is the first of its kind for the healthcare industry and offers you an unprecedented opportunity to apply the latest data science and AI skills to real-world healthcare challenges.

在节目中, you will work with leading scientists and business teams to develop a comprehensive understanding of bwin中国制药 and the industry and have the opportunity to take ownership of some of our most innovative projects throughout the drug discovery cycle.So if you are a graduate or researcher in the field of data science, 想从科学转向工业吗, 你想挑战自己, 你很好奇,想要一个没有老板的环境, 加入bwin国际官方网站!



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TM DS学会会员

The 转化医学 (TM) Data Science Academy is a unique graduate program which introduces data scientists with diverse backgrounds to the world of Life Science and Drug Discovery at 转化医学 in bwin中国制药 Institutes for 生物医学研究 (NIBR). 这是2年期的, 全日制数据科学课程, where fellows are given the opportunity to develop skills in various aspects of life sciences research through rotations between 3 departments in TM: Biomarker 发展 (BMD); Preclinical Safety (PCS) and Pharmacokinetic Sciences (PKS). The program not only offers graduates insights into how their skills contribute to reimagining medicine, 但有助于确定他们最感兴趣的工作领域.


Our most recent DS Academy fellows share more about their experiences of the program in this video:

Link to apply: applications for TM DS学会会员 2023 are opening soon.

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10 years ago, I joined bwin中国制药 India as an intern and I never really left! I now lead a team of 8 people in Australia and work in a team that manages 175 clinical trials that could change treatment for patients.