Diverse people celebrating Pride 在bwin中国

We seek to educate our people on inclusivity and provide all associates with equitable opportunities to contribute to our company and advance their 职业生涯.

We’re building a culture that stimulates curiosity and promotes opportunities to learn from and embrace all of our diverse perspectives. We want our associates to be inspired, curious and unbossed. This requires a safe and supportive working environment where we can discuss ideas, 实验, 承担风险, 提供反馈, 从错误中吸取教训. 


We are focused on developing self-aware leaders who empower diverse teams and foster an environment where everyone feels heard, 受人尊敬和重视. We have developed a suite of resources to help leaders reflect upon their own inclusive behaviors, 理解无意识偏见, cultivate curiosity and practice intentional behaviors to foster belonging. This includes active listening, inclusive planning and decision-making.

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We know that our success relies on the energy, passion and diverse perspectives our associates bring to the workplace. We want to make sure everyone feels heard, 受人尊敬和重视 as a member of our global community.

这就是为什么bwin国际官方网站支持和鼓励bwin国际官方网站的 员工资源组(ERGs) - voluntary networks linking employees who have shared backgrounds, 利益, 经验和观点. ERGs make the unique aspects of diversity and inclusion more tangible to everyone, and contribute to the development of our talent and to a culture of curiosity and empowerment.

We have more than 80 ERGs that are currently active across the company and are proud of the positive impact that they have for our people and organization.


Attracting and retaining diverse talent is the foundation of our talent strategy 在bwin中国. bwin国际官方网站知道bwin国际官方网站的人民是杰出的, and that our success relies on their diverse skills, 经验和专业知识. That’s why we encourage our associates to take ownership of their 职业生涯, offering equitable opportunities throughout the company for them to develop their skills and reach their full potential. Seven out of every ten open positions 在bwin中国 are filled by colleagues internally and we democratize access to career and talent development programs, 重新培训和提升技能, meeting both the growth of the individual and our business needs in an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity.

bwin国际官方网站现在有 147个民族 代表bwin国际官方网站的员工. We have assessed what diverse talent means in different cultures, with mandatory unconscious bias training for our talent acquisition partners and hiring managers to inform our candidate engagement communications, 招聘广告, interview procedures and selection decisions. Our resources and practices ensure a diverse talent pipeline and workforce at every level of the organization.  看看bwin国际官方网站的人才选拔原则. (PDF 0.2 MB)